Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The Bloggess is doing a book signing at a Costco near me!!!!11!!!omg!wingedponies!!

"It's like The Never Ending Story, part 12." - The Bloggess.
P.S. That kitten is Hunter S. Thomcat and he is not stuffed. At least, he wasn't to my knowledge and as of this posting. 

A freakin' COSTCO

     "Even I am quite excited."

     "Bet your sweet patootie you are, Inner Imp!"

     "Still not as dorky as you, though."

     "Whatevs. w0000000000t!!!!"

I am in ecstatic raptures. 

Okay, well, maybe this pic isn't quite...rapturous...but I am pretty friggin' happy there!! Just like I will be on Friday. In line. AT COSTCO!

Stay tuned for pics. Hopefully not of me falling down in front of her. Or on her. Or on any of her ethically-taxidermied pals. (<-- See? She's also conscientious. How can one not love her??)

That is all. //

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