Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He's My New Sean Connery In That I LUUUURVS HIMS And, Even though He Probably Doesn't Yet Need Them, I Would Happily Change His Depends And Follow Him Around All Day To, Like, Cuff His Trouser Legs. And Stuff.

Heehee! Sir Richard Branson has read Fifty Shades of Grey AND posted a relatively thoughtful commentary. Didn't think that was really possible. However, was just a tad disappointed to read that he "borrowed his wife's copy." (C'mon Branson - nut-up and admit you bought it for her in the first place!!)

But otherwise...Gawds, I love that man. I should probably devote a separate post to why. I may, someday but for now, I'm happy to be known as his creepy #1 fan. 

In other bizarro news, apparently there is now fan-fic devoted to Fifty Shades -- which started out as fan-fic in the first place!! I know that there's some kind of physics term that probably describes this, but for now, I'm filing it under "WTF?!? News."

And I'll probably go read some now. For research purposes. Of course. Ahem.//

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