Friday, July 20, 2012

I Am An Angry Nerd

Today is not a day for funny posts.

Today is a day for showing compassion to and support for our fellows in pain and to mourn a bewildering and inexplicable intrusion on innocence.

I guess everyday should be a day for this, so much bad happens all over the world all the time. But this hit home pretty hard. 

These victims could just as easily have been me or someone I love: I've stood in line for a midnight showing of a movie before, I really want to see this movie, I might have even dressed up for a screening in the past. In fact, seeing "The Dark Knight" is the chosen activity for my husband's and mine's date night this week and yes, we even discussed waiting in line for a midnight showing. 

Because like the victims, I am a fan and I am a sci-fi/fantasy nerd and I am proud to call myself so.

So I send my thoughts and prayers and healing wishes to the victims and their families. I pray for easement of pain and justice for all. 

And my Inner Imp and I both pray for a very small cell with a very large, very angry, comic book-loving cellmate for that sociopath. 

Because NOBODY fucks with my peeps. NOBODY. //

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